How Compare Parts Works?

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*   Buy Only from Reputable businesses

*   Buy from business with an Aftersales department

*   Industry Recognised Secure Payment Processing

*   Clear process if things go Wrong

*   Make informed Purchasing decisions

*   Share Your Experience - Give Us Feedback

*   FREE Delivery on All Orders*

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Process if Things go wrong

Our Merchant Sellers are reputable automotive industry businesses, who know their parts and most importantly understand the importance of satisfied customers, all our Merchants have an Aftersales Department and work to mutually agreed Service Level Agreements.

In a case that things don’t go to plan, we and our merchants have a clear process:

1. Problems with your purchase?

Your first port of call has to be the relevant Merchant Seller, you should contact via email or other means that are available. Please allow them up to 3 days to resolve the problem.

If things still don’t get resolved, please contact us, giving as much information as possible.

2. Contact us

3. Fair Arbitration

In majority of cases any problems are resolved without our intervention, but if we have to officiate we will look at the case and ensure that our customers are treated fairly. We will rule in favour of our customers or merchants based on the information we have in front of us.


Merchant/ Supplier Seller Rating

This is an accumulation of all the feedback we receive about a particular merchant seller, this is always a good gauge as to what you could expect, Merchants who fall below a certain level of rating are automatically taken off our systems and cannot sell with us. We strongly encourage you to participate in the feedback process.

Compare Parts - Pilot Testing

As was launched early Feb 2015, we envisage, as is the case with most complex systems, some teething problems. We hope these incidents are far and few, but where they do occur due to 'systems' or 'data migration' errors; would you firstly let us know via Contact Us and secondly that you show forbearance and except our apologies in advance. The most likely errors could be where the Product Numbers belongs to a certain item, but the description (partly/wholly) and/ or the image are of a different item. If any orders of such products are received we will contact the customer immediately and explain the situation. Thank you for your patience in the above matters.

* Restrictions & Conditions apply, please check Delivery Information section